An Introduction To Interior Design With Lisa Alward

12 videos

About the class

Lisa Alward, founder and principal interior designer at Bella Vie Interiors, shares her insights in the interior design field. Lisa discusses pathways to becoming an interior designer, offers tips for successful home design, explains the importance of relationships and online presence, and delves into pricing and staying updated in the industry. She shares her personal journey and emphasises the significance of passion and continuous learning for aspiring designers. Lisa’s expertise provides a comprehensive understanding of interior design principles, business strategies, and client-focused practices.

About Lisa Alward

Lisa Alward's journey weaves a tale of destiny, with a keen eye for beauty guiding her path. Her experience spans the realms of fashion, beauty, and real estate, all orbiting the allure of aesthetics. It was in London, during early motherhood, that her passion found its true calling: interior design. This pivotal moment gave birth to Bella Vie Interiors, a name inspired by her affection for Italy ('Bella') and France ('Vie'). Lisa, a tenacious goal-setter, achieved her dream of winning a design award merely months into her business venture, a testament to her unwavering dedication. In 2022, Lisa published her first book, 'Beautiful Life: A Guide to Creating Your Beautiful Home' where she shares design advice and practical tips to help individuals on their journey of transforming their homes.