Mindset Of A Young Entrepreneurs, Wil Massara

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About the class

In this class, Wil Massara, the CEO and founder of Youth Leadership Academy Australia, shares his personal journey and valuable insights. He emphasises entrepreneurship, intergenerational collaboration, self-belief, problem-solving, and the importance of building rapport with young people. Wil also delves into practical tips for achieving success, from accountability and building a personal brand to understanding customer frustrations and fostering personal growth. Throughout, he underscores the significance of authenticity and self-awareness in one’s entrepreneurial and leadership journey.

About Wil Massara

Wil Massara, at 21 years old, is a passionate social entrepreneur with a profound dedication to inspiring individuals of all ages to discover their untapped potential. As the CEO and founder of Youth Leadership Academy Australia, he has undertaken the mission of fostering leadership and personal growth among the youth, breaking barriers and shattering age-related limitations. He seamlessly combines his entrepreneurial spirit with a deep understanding of leadership and business strategy to guide organizations towards growth and success. Wil's story is a testament to the power of determination, inspiring individuals from all walks of life to believe in their potential and work towards their dreams.