Running Events Crash Course

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About the class

Jay Galolo, an accomplished event organiser and promoter, delivers a comprehensive crash course on event planning and management. Throughout her instructional session, she covers a wide range of critical topics. She underscores the significance of meticulous budgeting, stressing its role as a cornerstone in event preparation. Jay also emphasises the importance of well-structured marketing timelines and the value of learning from past events to inform future strategies. Her keen attention to detail shines through as she discusses the nuances of event execution, including branding, setup, and customer service. Jay provides insights into effective time management strategies and the benefits of adaptability when working with venues and talent.

About Jay Galolo

Jay Galolo is a dynamic entrepreneur and event extraordinaire with a passion for creating unforgettable experiences. With over 15 years of industry experience, Jay has left an indelible mark on the nightclub and hospitality scene in Australia. Starting her journey as a model, Jay transitioned into the nightclub industry, where she honed her skills for over a decade. Her love for the vibrant atmosphere and her innate talent for event planning led her to become a prominent figure in the industry. In 2018, Jay founded Eventzilla Presents, a venture that would soon become synonymous with exceptional events in Sydney. Her journey from bottle service waitress to event organiser reflects her dedication and determination to succeed in the competitive world of nightlife.