Starting A Skin Clinic Crash Course With Emilee & Amy Hembrow

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About the class

Emilee and Amy Hembrow are two entrepreneurial sisters who founded SSKIN Clinic on the Gold Coast. In this crash course, the sisters share insights into their journey in the beauty industry. Despite not having a background in medicine or skincare, they identified an untapped market and with entrepreneurial backgrounds, decided to launch their clinics. Their brand’s remarkable reputation is built on providing clients with an exceptional experience and they emphasise the importance of brand differentiation, urging entrepreneurs to define their brand identity and maintain a unique positioning in a competitive market. Knowing and understanding the target demographic is key, allowing for tailored treatments and effective brand communication. They highlight the power of authentic and carefully curated social media content for both their business and personal branding. Additionally, they stress the value of building authentic relationships with ambassadors, suppliers, and influencers. Attention to detail in the client experience is seen as a key differentiator. Effective financial management is crucial, and they recommend seeking professional advice. Lastly, the sisters share the importance of continuous learning, sharing knowledge, and maintaining passion within the industry. Overall, SSKIN’s commitment to holistic beauty and staying transparent as a brand, sets them apart in the competitive beauty industry, making their clinics a sought-after destination.

About Emilee & Amy Hembrow

Amy and Emilee Hembrow, two accomplished sisters, co-founded SSKIN, a notable skin clinic in Bundall, Gold Coast. They launched this holistic beauty business during the pandemic, gaining recognition for their focus on self-confidence and natural beauty. Their adept use of social media seamlessly connects them with a broad audience, cultivating a vibrant online community. SSKIN isn't merely a clinic; it's a hub for celebrities where beauty and luxury intersect. Amy and Emilee's journey serves as an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs, highlighting their impressive path in the beauty industry.