When Passion Meets Business With Shiralee Coleman

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About the class

Shiralee, a passionate DJ and model, shared insights into her career journey. She stressed the importance of meticulous preparation, emphasising that true confidence is forged behind the scenes. Shiralee also discussed her commitment to authenticity, urging individuals to embrace their unique identity and storytelling. Networking played a vital role in her success, as she actively sought connections and invested in relationships within the industry.

About Shiralee Coleman

Shiralee Colemam is a dynamic force in the worlds of fashion and music. As a Creative Director, she crafts extravagant campaigns for luxury fashion houses, seamlessly blending innovation with tradition. But her true passion ignites when she steps behind the DJ decks, where she pumps energy into dance floors worldwide. She's known for bringing music to the most luxurious locations, setting the scene for unforgettable moments. With an innate sense of style and an eclectic mix of beats, Shiralee captivates audiences with her versatile talent. Her journey as a multi-talented creative force continues to inspire and elevate both industries