Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


3 months ago

Is anyone using TikTok to promote their business? Any tips?


2 weeks ago

Hi Dylan, I’ve been using TikTok to promote my clothing brand and I found the best time is when my audience is online which in my case happens to be between 11pm-12am I also follow and comment on complimentary accounts.


2 weeks ago

Hi Dylan, I’ve been using TT for multiple businesses (I run a short form content agency) here is whats working for us:

– If you want to grow your brand/business you must post 1-3 times per day.
– Always start with a hook (a captivating title/headline that appeals to your audience) e.g a personal trainer – “how to lose belly fat without dieting or working out in just 30 days or less.
– Use captions, overlays and music in your vids to increase watch time. The more watch time your videos get the more TT will keep showing your content to bigger audiences.
– When speaking on camera always be yourself and give massive value without any CTA’s (call to action e.g click link in my bio and buy my sh*t)
– If you can add some entertainment in your content you will be more relatable to your audience and a higher chance of getting shares/engagement.

Hope that helps Dylan 👍


2 weeks ago

Great tips 💯

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