Young Entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneurs


3 weeks ago

Hi Everyone!👋

I hope each and everyone of you has had a killer and productive week! Followed Emils journey from the start and amazing to see the growth over the years, very impressive! Off the back of the recent rebrand of One Life Club, it prompt me to reach out and formally introduce myself.

I am a commercial, multi-focused graphic designer of 15 years with particular expertise in brand development & digital media. Experienced working with clients from a variety of industries; finance, property development, real estate, eCommerce, architecture, automotive, high profile to idea stage start ups.

If anyone needs assistance with branding or design for their business, please reach out, happy to help!👏


3 weeks ago

Any agency principles in here?


1 month ago

Hey guys, seems a bit quiet in here, but figured I’d post an intro anyway.

My name is Daniel McEvoy, I’m a 23 year old business owner from Gold Coast. Currently doing over 100k/month from a few Crypto education related businesses.

Used to teach Crypto in Hustlers University, the largest online money education company on Earth.

Don’t usually attend conventions, but figured I’d try something different so I’ll be at the Jordan Belfort event in Brisbane if anyone wants to link up.


2 weeks ago

Impressive numbers! Hope to pick your brain some time.


2 weeks ago

Excited to see you there Daniel!


3 months ago

Great to see this group! I asked the other day about a Young Entrepreneurs group. So good to see it appear!

Quick intro: I’m Max, i’m 20 years old and I cofounded (we are about to launch) which is very exciting.

Let me know about what you do in the comments!


2 weeks ago

Max – we just checked out your business. Love it! What made you start this?

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