Sisters in Business: Emilee and Amy Hembrow's Journey in the Beauty Industry

Emilee and Amy Hembrow, two entrepreneurial sisters, shared insights into their journey and business endeavours in a recent interview. They both grew up in an entrepreneurial family, where the focus was on creating their own businesses rather than following a traditional career path. This upbringing instilled in them a drive to start their own ventures. Their experience with different business ventures and their willingness to take risks played a significant role in their entrepreneurial journey. They both had a strong desire to build their businesses, even though they acknowledged the challenges of dealing with people and clients. They stressed the importance of being naive when starting out and advised aspiring entrepreneurs to begin their journey without waiting for the perfect time. The biggest challenge they faced in their business was managing people, especially in the in-person service industry. Hiring and retaining qualified staff, including doctors and nurses for their treatments, was essential for building credibility and success in their businesses. Together, the sisters are taking over the beauty industry, with plans to open more clinics and branch into other fields of business in the near future.

Photo of Emilee & Amy Hembrow


Emilee & Amy Hembrow

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