From Tradie to Wellness Centre Franchisee: A Conversation with Jeremy Hassell, Co-founder of City Cave

In this captivating interview, Jeremy Hassell, the co-founder of City Cave, takes us on a remarkable journey. He reveals how he and his partner, Tim, turned a single wellness centre into a thriving franchise empire spanning 72 locations across Australia, with ambitious expansion plans on the horizon. Jeremy delves into the pivotal moments that fuelled City Cave's growth, emphasising the vital role of passionate and like-minded franchisees who share their core values. He highlights the incredible influence of word-of-mouth marketing, a key driver of their success. Moreover, Jeremy shares a deeply personal transformation story, shedding light on how float therapy sparked the inception of City Cave, a sanctuary for individuals to disconnect from life's chaos and rediscover themselves. This interview is an inspiring testament to the power of entrepreneurship and holistic well-being.

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Jeremy Hassell

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